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Caravan ELDDIS CRUSADER imported from England!

All our caravans have been checked for:

  • Leaks
  • Moisture
  • Serviceability of all appliances from the equipment

The caravan has:

  • Two separate and fully equipped dormitories with a total capacity of up to five people
  • Kitchenette, which includes – sink with hot and cold water, four hob

gas, oven and grill on gas and electricity, refrigerator on gas and electricity 12/220 volts

  • Wet room – bathroom with chemical cassette toilet

More are available in the caravan

  • electrical control panel with protective fuses
  • lighting that can be powered by 12/220 volts
  • gas stove and electric fan for faster heating
  • gas and electricity boiler-12/220 volts, which supplies the entire caravan with hot water
  • all windows and hatches have working blinds and shutters, which can be seen in the photos
  • folding table / s;
  • quick external power outlets – which can be powered by a traction battery or euro socket up to 220 volts
  • water – which can be supplied from an external / internal tank or from a water source
  • gas

Additional extras

  • anti-vibration drawbar
  • containers for clean and dirty water
  • steps in front of the front door

Length – 7.80
Width -2.10
Weight -1636/1900

When buying, we provide transport to a pre-agreed address!

We offer a variety of caravans, also on request!

For more information call the numbers listed or contact us using the form below!

Out of stock

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